Ave Mariabell Designs

Ave Mariabell Designs is a series of ultra modern, minimalist, city skyline designs. The designs aim to unite people together by celebrating common cities that we love, and cities that have changed our lives. Take a piece of the city you love home with you, whether...

Nadia Lloyd

Nadia started painting in June of 2010 and has been intensely creating daily since.  A self-taught abstract artist and designer, over the last four years, her art has moved from the canvas to clothing, fashion accessories and large scale murals. Her art is described as...

Illbury + Goose

Illbury + Goose is a clothing and graphic design company owned by entrepreneurs Daniel Phillips and Meghan Kraft. What started as a hunt for a unique t-shirt design in 2012 from a student apartment has become a widely-recognized Canadian lifestyle brand that combines a passion for sustainability with fashion and graphic...

LANGsura – “For the love of all things pretty”

LANGsura is an women's online boutique that provides Canadians access to beautifully curated products at an affordable price and free delivery nationwide. Shoppers can expect seasonal, affordable, trendy and effortless styles handpicked from around the world, as well as close to home. LANGsura offers labels...


Based in Toronto, LOYAL to a TEE is a sports lifestyle apparel brand that creates premium quality clothing with clean trendy designs. Their clothing has been supported by NBA athletes like Jonas Valanciunas, Nik Stauskas, and Hassan Whiteside as well as local Toronto TV personalities...

At The Shop

Artist Hale Ferrer, is a firm believer of expressing freedom and emotional creativity, while keeping the integrity of the art and its aesthetic. His art elevates non-conformity into a higher level, this diminishes its perception as purely deviant He is a savvy event designer, self proclaimed DIY...

Scotty Graham

Scotty Graham has produced a line of illustrated commercial art celebrating his most loved places in Toronto. Born and raised in the shadows of Detroit’s art deco skyscrapers and surrounded by the beautiful, empty remnants of the abandoned heart of industrial America, Scotty grew up daydreaming...


TRAVA is an ethical fashion startup that sells entire outfits for 1 price. All of the clothing is designed in Canada, ethically made in Sri Lanka, and all jewellery is fair trade and hand crafted India. Every outfit purchased donates hours to their annual impact program...

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G Fox & Co

Taste making since 2008 - G Fox & Co combines tropical beach vacations with northern cottage getaways - how you ask? Through amazing wooden and eco friendly products that can go anywhere in the world with you - they've got something for everyone who loves...

The Jaywalk

The Jaywalk is a clothing line and brand dedicated to Toronto baseball fans. All clothing is made and designed locally in Canada. By the fans, for the fans. They have been featured in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Life Magazine and CBC Metro Morning and...